Personal Accident Cover

Personal Accident Cover
Up to £100,000 cash payout
Easy and simple application process
Great value cover – premium does not increase with age
Policy underwritten by Cigna Europe Insurance Company S.A.N.V
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Up to £100,000 cash payout
For UK residents aged 18-59
Cover can continue up to age 85
No medical or blood tests required
Simple application – only takes 2 minutes to complete
Affordable cover – premium doesn’t increase with age
Your information is safe and secure
This policy is underwritten by Cigna Europe Insurance Company S.A.N.V

Personal Accident Cover is a product designed to help you and your family in the event you or a family member is injured.

The policy will pay benefit should you or a family member suffer: Permanent Disability, Death, Burns, Fractures, Dislocations, or Hospitalisation as a result of an accident.

Accidents are impossible to predict, with this policy you can reduce the stress and worry that comes as a result of an accident, this policy provides you with financial support making your recovery easier and stress free.

If the worst was to happen your family would be provided with up to £100,000 in the event of your death.

Who can buy this policy?

Only UK Residents can take out this policy

Are there any medical questions?

No, the application process is simple and hassle free, provided you are a UK resident and are aged between 18 – 60 you are automatically accepted.